27 March 2015

I picked up some very powerful statistics from an article entitled “Trails Make Good Economic Sense” that appeared in the American Hiking Society’s American Hiker, Spring 2014.  Here are two of the best:


  • The annual economic value of outdoor recreation in America is estimated by the Outdoor Industry Association to be $646 Billion in spending and supporting 6.1 million jobs, more than double that of the oil and gas industry of America.


  • A 2008 survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found that  “trails consistently remain the number one community amenity sought by prospective homeowners.”  Trails were cited by 57% of prospective homebuyers, ahead of public parks and outdoor pools; and “trail availability” outranked 16 other options, including security, golf courses, parks and access to shopping.

Jim Kern

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