Clearing Up Eminent Domain Misconceptions

A friend of trails wrote with the following brief statement regarding eminent domain in response to one of my Facebook posts: “The use of eminent domain has been abused. The taking of private land for public purposes should be used sparingly as it is a tool for tyrants. There are … Read More

Hiking is at an all-time high! Blame COVID.

Did you get outside in 2020? Was it your first time? The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) recently reported that last year 160.7 million Americans, or 53% of the United States population, ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once. This is the highest participation rate on record; … Read More

Mission of Hiking Trails for America

At the request of Bill Kemsley, Founding Publisher, Backpacker Magazine, I sent him a memo outlining the facts driving our mission.  *** MEMO Date:             5/20/21 To:                 Bill Kemsley, Founding Publisher, Backpacker Magazine From:            Jim Kern Re:                Closing the Gaps in Our National Scenic Trails There are two staggering sets … Read More