Clearing Up Eminent Domain Misconceptions

A friend of trails wrote with the following brief statement regarding eminent domain in response to one of my Facebook posts: “The use of eminent domain has been abused. The taking of private land for public purposes should be used sparingly as it is a tool for tyrants. There are … Read More

Hiking is at an all-time high! Blame COVID.

Did you get outside in 2020? Was it your first time? The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) recently reported that last year 160.7 million Americans, or 53% of the United States population, ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once. This is the highest participation rate on record; … Read More

Mission of Hiking Trails for America

At the request of Bill Kemsley, Founding Publisher, Backpacker Magazine, I sent him a memo outlining the facts driving our mission.  *** MEMO Date:             5/20/21 To:                 Bill Kemsley, Founding Publisher, Backpacker Magazine From:            Jim Kern Re:                Closing the Gaps in Our National Scenic Trails There are two staggering sets … Read More

#KernBlog: Look at the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation

July 2020 – Outdoor recreation is a thriving industry, and growing larger every year.  According to a recent report by the Outdoor Industry Association, “The Outdoor Recreation Economy,” outdoor recreation generates $887 billion in consumer spending annually.  This includes outdoor products ($184.5 billion) and trip and travel spending ($702.3 billion).  … Read More

Jim Kern accepts resolution from FL Governor Rick Scott and Cabinet

Jim Kern Accepts Blog

It was about 10:30 during the Florida Cabinet meeting last Tuesday, September 20, that Rick Scott turned to Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam and said, “Commissioner Putnam would like now to recognize the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Florida Trail Association.” Commissioner Putnam made some introductory remarks about … Read More

Seeking Support for our Mission.

I was looking forward to taking a key Marco Rubio supporter into the Big Cypress on February 8 with a back-up date of February 20. The chief ranger at Big Cypress National Preserve said the water is too high now and it will still be too high in March. He … Read More

The Surgeon General on WALKING!!

Earlier this year the Surgeon General issued a report calling for people to walk more for better health. It’s called Step It Up! It’s the Surgeon General’s call to action to promote walking and walkable communities. To print the complete report, go to The hiking community is standing by, … Read More

Bill Bryson Interview with AT Journeys

No doubt everyone who reads this blog will want to see the film, “A Walk in the Woods,” released September 1. A good picture of the two lead actors, Robert Redford and Nick Nolte appeared on the cover of the AT Journeys, Summer 2015 issue. A good part of the … Read More