Hiking is at an all-time high! Blame COVID.

Did you get outside in 2020? Was it your first time? The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) recently reported that last year 160.7 million Americans, or 53% of the United States population, ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once. This is the highest participation rate on record; an increase of 7.1 million more participants than in 2019.  Hiking stood out as a top outdoor activity with 57.8 million participants, or 19% of the American population! The number of hikers has grown every year, despite COVID. Though, the report attributes this significant spike to the pandemic.

The 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report is produced by the Physical Activity Council. Read the full report here.

The OIA also commissioned a one-time special report, “2021 Special Report: The New Outdoor Participant (COVID and Beyond),” which shows that almost 60% of the new outdoor participants started or resumed outdoor activities since the onset of the pandemic. 

More than a majority of these new participants said that getting exercise, staying healthy, and getting out of the house to spend time with family and friends top the reasons they started outdoor activities. This finding presents an opportunity to retain these new participants by positioning the outdoors as a safe and accessible choice. 

The Outdoor Industry Association commissioned a one-time special report from research partner NAXION.
Read the full report here.

How do we keep these new participants engaged in the outdoor activities now that lockdowns have ended, the report asks?  One sure way is to provide them with safe and continuous hiking trails. Access to continuous and safe hiking corridors ensures that hikers of all levels have the opportunity to experience and enjoy America’s outdoor resources as envisioned by the National Trails System Act of 1968.

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Steve Reinhold, a huge Big City Mountaineers supporter, and Jim Kern, Hiking Trails in America president,
at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, Summer 2021.

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