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Attention all hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers; Help us close the gaps in our National Scenic Trails.

Imagine that you planned a hiking trip to explore one of the 11 National Scenic Trails, and you keep running into dead ends and private properties.

The only trail that has a continuous, protected right-of-way is the Appalachian Trail. The other ten trails have gaps subject to closure, or have access problems. Hiking Trails for America was formed to urge Congress to close these gaps for all National Scenic Trails, as it has done for the Appalachian Trail.

All National Scenic Trails should guarantee a quality hiking experience with a continuous footpath, and Congress should act to provide it. So Congress should determine how much time and money will be needed, and what government agency should be charged with this task.
We want to keep you informed by email every other month, send you a draft of a bill for your comments when it’s ready, and let you know when to help us put pressure on the folks in D.C.

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