The Surgeon General on WALKING!!

Earlier this year the Surgeon General issued a report calling for people to walk more for better health. It’s called Step It Up! It’s the Surgeon General’s call to action to promote walking and walkable communities. To print the complete report, go to

The hiking community is standing by, waiting to help with the program and introduce people to the best kind of walking: walking trails in a scenic countryside.

The Surgeon General asks the question, “Why walking?” and then answers it:

• Walking does not require special skills, facilities, or expensive equipment.
• Walking is a year-round activity that can be done indoors or outdoors.
• Walking can be done by people of all ages and abilities.
• Many people with disabilities are able to walk or move with assistive device, such as wheelchairs or walkers.
• Walking is the most common form of physical activity for people across the country.
• Walking can serve many purposes:

o Catching up with friends and family.
o Getting to school, work, or a nearby store.
o Exercise.

Sitting is the new Smoking. Get out hiking in 2016!

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