“Virtual Reality” and “Real Reality”

Time Magazine (Aug 17, 2015) had a cover story on “Virtual Reality, and why it’s about to change the world.” The writer, Joel Stein, says, “Virtual Reality is nearly upon us. So I tried every major and minor version out there. Skeptics, take note: it’s better than you think.” In the middle of the article he says, “People here are so comfortable with VR that they refer to thHTA.Shenandoah Natl Pkings outside of virtual reality – what most of us call “life” – as RR, or Real Reality.”

I have a crazy thought for the VR folks: RR is as good as it gets and folks who aren’t happy with the way things are should change their RR, not chase VR. One way to do that is to find a trail and take a walk. Twice in the last month I have read that, “Walking is the best exercise.” I want to tweak that thought. Walking implies a neighborhood, a sidewalk, the local park, the mall. Find the good earth, find the trail and take a hike. I propose that hiking is the best exercise, not only for the body but for the spirit and the soul. Hiking on a trail induces a sweet disposition, creative ideas, inner peace and pleasant reflections.

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