You Can Help!

Things are rolling. Hiking Trails for America has employed Destry Jarvis, brother of John Jarvis, director of the U.S. Parks Service, to guide a legislative campaign to implement our mission. We cemented this relationship this week.

We have known for some time that we greatly need to increase our understanding of working social media to our advantage and collecting data on hikers around the country so that when we begin a public legislative campaign to secure right-of-way for our National Scenic Trails, we will have the reach we need to get the word out. This week we have committed to employ a consultant in this field who begins work this week. The results we expect are to see a greater media focus on our issue, a greater presence on the web and a vastly expanded database.

When we go public with our request for legislation to protect our trails, I’d like to have 100,000 names in our database.

You can help. Do we have your e-mail address? Are you a member of any outdoor clubs or groups? Would they want to be kept informed of our efforts? Can you secure e-mail addresses from them for us? You may have other ideas. Stay in touch.


FFT.30 Years

Caption: One look at the significant gaps on this map and you’ll see why the Florida Trail needs to be completed.

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